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Vibrant blooms and foliage collected from the nooks and crannies of the Southern landscape are what define Blackwell Botanicals. Their meticulous preservation and artistic presentation are what elevate these found treasures into sophisticated, unique and highly stylized works of art.


Harvesting from the swamps of South Carolina, the gardens of Virginia’s countryside, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley, artist and plantswoman Anne Blackwell Thompson preserves foliage and flowers using centuries-old traditions and turns her bounty into beautiful, artistic compositions. Her work is a culmination of her years of study, her significant training in studio art and art history and her love of the natural world. Her skills were further honed while studying as an apprentice to world-renowned botanical artist Stuart Thornton in Turin, Italy. 

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Working with a myriad of plant material – from hydrangea to seaweed to wildflowers - Anne’s passion to preserve beautiful flora and create one-of-a-kind compositions spawned Blackwell Botanicals in 2010. Her finished pieces juxtapose tradition with a modern flair, and reflect classical and contemporary styles. Her studio is appropriately located in Richmond, Virginia – a decidedly southern city steeped with tradition, but with a creative vibe all its own.


In addition to working with private collectors, Anne has partnered with Designers and Landscape Architects on several large commercial projects. Anne’s botanicals have been featured in many publications including Garden & Gun, Southern Living, Veranda and Victoria Magazine.


Due to the nature of harvesting specimens throughout the various seasons, inventory is constantly changing. Although many of the specimens showcased on the site have been sold, similar pieces are often available in the Blackwell Botanicals herbarium. 

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